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About myShow Lead

Savvy exhibitors know the success of your trade show program is not about the crowds in the booth or the buzz around the show floor. Your success depends on how effectively you capitalize on your participation. To get the best ROI and take advantage of post show opportunities, you need to learn more about attendees that visit your booth, while they are right in front of you.

Equip everyone in the booth and track each devices leads iPhone, iPad, Android Phone/Tablet

  • Scan badges with your phone camera or enter badge ID #
  • Instantly see whether the person you scanned matches your target audience

Acquire leads from anywhere while at the event!

  • In booth, at a meal, in a session or at the hotel
  • Instantly view name, title, company, address, email, phone, demographics, purchasing power, company industry and size

Quickly qualify and ask unlimited survey questions!

  • Flag important leads, schedule follow-up, send quote
  • Assign to reps, qualify interests and purchasing power

Even More…

  • Take notes and add important reminders
  • Send emails and make phone calls right within the app
  • Add photos to each lead to help you remember and personalize
  • Download your leads into Excel at any time
  • Prize giveaway tool to randomly select a lead from your database
  • Off-line mode in case Wi-Fi or mobile networks are not available
  • Low mobile data usage. 250 leads with pictures would only be 25mb
  • Secure cloud backup and automatic lead synchronization